Jacob’s Creek Moscato

Jacob's Creek Moscato
Jacob’s Creek Moscato

I picked this up on whim at the LCBO, they had it out on a display for summer drinks.  I have never tried a Moscato before and I have to say it is pretty nice on a hot summer afternoon.

See:  From the label we can see that this wine has 7.5% alcohol (so more like a cooler than most wines).  It is very pale lemon in colour, clear and has a few bubbles.  This wine is made in a “frizzante style” which means that it is lightly sparkling – not fully sparkling.

Smell:  On the nose we have lots of tropical ripe fruit, pineapple, mango and some grapefruit for that tart sweet smell.

Taste:  Semi sweet, with low acidity, low alcohol and some effervescence as expected.  It has a full body mouth feel which makes the sweetness even more prominent.  We still get the ripe tropical fruit of pineapple and mango, some honey and grapefruit.

If it was not a hot day, this wine may come across as too sweet without the acidity to balance it out, but today it is just right.

You can pick this wine up at the LCBO for $10.45.